6 Awesome OU Bats That Never Made The News

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For years, Ohio University has been the undisputed bat capital of the world. First there was McDavis’ Bat House scandal. Now there’s Convo Bat. But strangely enough, we never hear much about all the other bats that have left their mark on OU’s campus. Once these 10 Bobcat bats flew into our lives, we knew it was time for them to cling upside down to the rafters of your heart.

6.) Stacy:
Everyone knows about the bat that scared Mrs. McDavis so badly she had to move at the university’s expense, but one unsung hero of that infamous day two years ago was that bat’s daughter, Stacy, who taught her mom how to be scary. Everyone loves Stacy’s mom, but no one ever gives Stacy the credit she deserves.

5.) Bat Lauer:
Scripps has produced many exceptional journalists over the years, but more than 90 percent of them are human. Against all odds, Bat Lauer became the world’s first bat broadcaster when he was a guest anchor on the CBS Evening News in 2013.

4.) Popcorn:


Photo via Twitter (@sar_schroe)

Popcorn is a tiny bat with big dreams – specifically, dreams of inventing a bat-flavored Gatorade. He’s willing to sacrifice himself for the cause, and we don’t think that dedication should go without recognition.

3.) Mike Schmidt’s Bat:
Former Philadelphia Philly Mike Schmidt attended OU, and we don’t think this list would be complete without the baseball bat he used while here. Schmidt’s bat refused to comment at the time of this article’s publication.

2.) The Bat That Was Really Excited for Opening Weekend:


Video by Ethan Emery

Everybody goes a little crazy during opening weekend, and this bat in Hoover was no exception. He was eventually caught and released into the wild. No one has seen him since, but legend has it that if you stand in front of a mirror and flap your arms like bat wings three times, you’ll look like an idiot.

1.) Chad:
OK, so maybe there aren’t really 10 extraordinary – or really even noteworthy – bats that have stood out during OU’s history, but there have definitely been like six bats total. One of them is Chad. He’s a pretty nice guy, we guess, although he doesn’t talk much. We think he’s a fruit bat. His wings are pretty cool. His hobbies include echolocation and being nocturnal.

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