10 Cool Facts About Budgies

Read the original story here. Budgies are small birds that can light up a home with their bright colors and cheerful chattering. The formal name of these sweet little birds is “budgerigar,” which has been shortened to “budgie.” Although they are sometimes called parakeets, “budgie” is the term for the common pet bird, while “parakeet” […]

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How dogs communicate

Dogs can’t use words to express themselves the way people can, but that doesn’t mean they don’t communicate. Dogs use their body language to tell us how they’re feeling and what they need. The most commonly known form of dog body language is a wagging tail. This is often interpreted to mean that the dog […]

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Kids at hospital will be able to play with shelter pets

According to http://www.post-gazette.com, an animal shelter is giving children in a Chicago hospital the chance to play with kittens and puppies in a way similar to playing video games. Wright-Way Rescue in Morton Grove, Illinois paired a live video feed with Internet-accessible interactivity features to create a virtual experience for kids at downtown Lurie Children’s […]

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