First photos on my new camera

As someone pursuing a career in journalism, I’m always looking for new ways to broaden my multimedia experience. After receiving the new Canon EOS Rebel T5 for Christmas, I’ll be doing more of that than ever before. These are the first photos taken on my new camera as I try to teach myself some photography […]

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New New Year’s Resolutions

In case you don’t own any sort of calendar or timekeeping device, let me start this off by saying that in just a few short days we will start the year 2016. As is typical at the beginning of a new year, many people have started making resolutions for themselves. However, some of these resolutions […]

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10 Cool Facts About Budgies

Read the original story here. Budgies are small birds that can light up a home with their bright colors and cheerful chattering. The formal name of these sweet little birds is “budgerigar,” which has been shortened to “budgie.” Although they are sometimes called parakeets, “budgie” is the term for the common pet bird, while “parakeet” […]

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