Towel-stealing OU football player tweets about anime A LOT

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OU safety Javon Hagan has been getting quite a bit of media attention this week after he stealthily swiped a sweat towel from a Kansas player during last Saturday’s otherwise not particularly fun to watch game. Hagan himself even proudly tweeted an ESPN clip of the moment.

But there’s so much more to Hagan’s Twitter than stealing towels (yes, “towels,” plural – this isn’t his first towel rodeo). Delving into his Twitter history revealed a complex personality that has countless non-towel-related facets.

He’s a crusader for noble causes such as iPhones…

…And, of course, bouncing it.

But through all these questionably capitalized tweets about social issues shines Hagan’s true passion: Dragon Ball Z. His header is a scene from the show, and his bio alludes to it as well.

For Javon, the show doesn’t just remind him of his childhood. Anime gets him really



fired up for football games.

And exams.

And Black History Month.

In fact, we’re pretty sure Hagan might be imagining himself going Super Saiyan* while he’s on the field.

*We’re not as diehard DBZ fans as Javon, so we’re very sorry if we used this term incorrectly.

It’s not entirely clear if Hagan is the only anime fan playing for the Bobcats, but it can only be assumed that after a tough game, the whole team watches Dragon Ball Z together and, during especially emotional scenes, wipes away their tears with the towels of their enemies. It’s what Goku would want.

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